Photo by Greg Rannells
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Pop-Up Restaurant Demitasse 665 Hosts a Night to Remember

Sandy Talley isn’t a professional chef, and Marie Jary isn’t a sommelier. Neither is a restaurateur. Yet both were remarkably calm as they prepared to serve a seven-course, wine-paired meal to a packed house at Demitasse 665, their restaurant that, for three weeks in December, was the hottest culinary ticket in town. Perhaps the couple’s lack of nerves came down to the fact that the temporary restaurant was an outgrowth of the monthly dinners they host in their home, where members of the public

Photo by J.J. Lane
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The Constant Gardener

Kathy Richey is absolutely ruthless. Not that you'd know it by her kind voice and welcoming demeanor. Nor does her charming white house with royal blue trim, set on a picturesque Webster lane not much wider than a driveway, give any hint. There's certainly no clue from the spectacular garden that frames the house and dwarfs the lawn; a garden of this size and caliber can only be the result of a nurturing and passionate soul. But ruthless she is, as she'll freely admit, since it's one of the sec